Why buy here?

Accutane is an expensive drug if you go through the US system for consulting your doctor and buying through your local drugstore. Everything is time and dollars.

When you buy online, it takes a few minutes of your time. No traveling. No queuing. AND no retail price for your drug when you go to your local pharmacy. When you buy online, you get:

  • fast and efficient service;
  • low, low prices for your drugs (particularly if you buy in quantity);
  • a choice on the shipping methods;
  • easy payment systems; and
  • your privacy is protected as Accutane comes to your door in plain wrappers.

What is acne?

Acne is the worst thing that can happen to a person today. We have become obsessed by the idea that anything less than perfect beauty is evidence of serious disease or moral corruption. We see a few spots on the face, neck and shoulders, and we make judgements of contagious skin infection or an unwillingness to shower or bath.

Acne is the cruelest problem, particularly among teens who are just working out who they are when they are typecast as disease carriers by their peers. Fortunately, when all the other remedies have been tried and failed, Accutane will work its magic and clear the skin of these eruptions.

Does Accutane work?

Accutane is like the ultimate deterrent — so powerful you have to try all the other remedies first. Only if they fail do you come to Accutane. Why wait? Why not try Accutane first? Because, like all powerful drugs, there are costs to pay to get the results you want. That is “costs” both in dollars and cents, and in the precautions to take. Accutane really does work but you have to ensure the benefits outweigh the costs for you.